First-generation basic aspiration catheters have small aspiration lumens and are prone to kinking and clogging.
K-Vac Suction Catheter technology includes large aspiration lumens, continuous wire mesh shafts and large integrated distal radiopaque markers. K-Vac Suction kit technology combines to deliver best-in-class performance and versatility.

Aspiration needs vary with the size, location, and age of the thrombus. Certain procedures benefit from consistently high aspiration force. Other procedures just need a quick spot or touch up, targeted aspiration. In other cases, however, pulsed aspiration is not necessary to quickly switch between full power and unpowered power. The K-Vac Aspirator provides new control during aspiration. Users instantly start, stop, increase, decrease, maintain aspiration force. It is a method that allows clinicians to decide how much and how fast to apply aspiration. Aspiration can be changed instantly, depending on what clinicians see and feel during the procedure. Squeezing the arms increases aspiration and releasing the arms stops aspiration.
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ATA00013 K-VAC ASPIRATION SYSTEM 90 cm – 6 french External Catheter
ATA00014 K-VAC ASPIRATION SYSTEM-II 105 cm – 6 french External Catheter
ATA00015 K-VAC ASPIRATION SYSTEM-III 120 cm – 6 french External Catheter
ATA00016 K-VAC ASPIRATION SYSTEM-IV 135 cm – 6 french External Catheter

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